Representation - Visualization

Andrea Giordano,
Cosimo Monteleone,
Paolo Borin,
Federico Panarotto,
Chiara Callegaro,
Maurizio Perticarini,
Guiye Lin,

Research areas:

Representation and Digital Visualization

The research topics are centered on issues of representation as hermeneutic process of the construction and design, with particular attention to geometric-configurative aspects of architectural spaces. In particular:

  • study of geometric surfaces and mutual intersections on the one hand, and the study of the applications that these surfaces have in architecture, both from a shape and a constructive point of view; in particular, the financed research - in the University of Padova and nationally - on stereotomy deals with the analysis of treaties for the static verification of the apparatuses, such as connection with contemporary architecture manufacturing methods through 3D molding of great size;
  • study of the feedback that the Representation disciplines have on the Visualization of territory, environment, and landscape (in particular the participation in PRIN on the new frontiers of the Representation codes);
  • study of new tools for the Visualization and the multimedia and interoperable Representation of the historical transformations of architecture and the city. This last topic is part of the international research Visualizing Venice / Visualizing Cities, with Duke University and IUAV;
  • Scan to BIM & HBIM: in particular, the research is aimed at structuring interoperable systems for the management and communication of architectural Cultural Heritage;
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) for architecture and infrastructures also for the study and automatic recognition through Machine Learning of degradation and decay;
  • Virtual Museum and Virtual in Museums.

Keywords: BIM, Scan to BIM, Stereotomy, digital and interoperable representation, Virtual Museum