Regional and Urban Survey, Representation and Planning

Pasqualino Boschetto,
Alessandro Bove,

Research areas:

    • Metropolitan areas
      The methodologies of analysis aimed to identify and classify metropolitan contexts are very common issues both nationally and internationally, but they have not affect yet the Italian political debate. The recent political decision about the constitution of new levels of government ("metropolitan cities" form L. 56/2014) shows that we are very far from the identification of suitable system of governance of metropolitan dynamics, with bad consequences for regional and urban development.
      This topic is particularly sensitive in the Italian North- East Area, due to the specificity of the present polycentric settlement organization, which is peculiar and hardly comparable in metropolitan terms with other Italian and European systems.
      Over the last years, the research unit has developed general and specific surveys trying to outline features of today metropolitan areas, relationships and trends for draw more appropriate planning tools and development policies.
      A particular field of the research is developing the definition and design of the "new metropolitan doors".
    • Regional and urban planning
      The topic is developed both in terms of basic knowledge (best practice) and regional regulatory level (from EU directives to national indications, to legislative prescriptions produced in Italian regions). In particular, the research explores new forms of planning and innovation of urban instrumentation promoted by the recent regulatory provisions of the Regione del Veneto for the containment of soil consumption and urban and territorial regeneration (LR 14/ 2017 and lr 14/2019). These innovative dispositions introduce new approaches and strategies into the governance of the territory and regional and urban planning.
      In the last years, the research group is very active in the technical-scientific disciplinary debate in order to include in the general discussion, mostly at various propositive and decisional levels, also the term/container of the “territorial regeneration”, an issue often disregarded or little investigated.
    • Environmental monitoring and integrated processes of sustainable regional and urban regeneration
      Environmental monitoring is a strategic procedure for the assessment of sustainability acknowledged at international level. Different protocols have been developed and tested by European Union to pursue sustainability in planning processes and in regional as well as urban governance.
      The research group has developed an innovative methodology to assess/monitor sustainability in urban transformation led by planning acts.

Keywords: Metropolitan Areas, Regional and urban Planning, Environmental integrated monitoring