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The results of the Laboratory of the Architectural and Urban Composition course at ENSTP

The two courses of Architectural and Urban Composition and Laboratory 1 and 2 took place at ENSTP in the period 3-16 December 2022, for Building Engineer-Architect students of the 2nd and 4th year, respectively, as part of the cooperation activities between the ICEA Department for the University of Padova, and the ENSTP of Yaoundé. At the end of the courses, the students were able to set up two separate workshops at ENSTP to exhibit their architectural models, designed and created under the supervision of Prof. Narne, together with Dr. Maria Francesca Lui and Dr. Andrea Boito. The single-cycle Master's Degree course offered by the University of Padova in collaboration with ENSTP is the flagship of the ENSTP educational offer, and unique of its kind in the whole country. The event attracted the interest of three local television stations. The Director of ENSTP Prof. Nkeng, with the Head of Department Prof. Aba, and Prof. Elame' for the ICEA Department were present at the event.

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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility 17-27 may 2022:

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering of the University of Padua welcomed from 17 to 27 May 2022 a delegation of 13 Cameroonian representatives of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Travaux Publics (ENSTP) and the Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun (IRIC), as part of the Erasmus + Staff Mobility program.
The initiative aimed at sharing and harmonizing the administrative and educational management procedures of the training courses implemented by the ICEA Department in collaboration with its two African partners. A rich program of workshops and visits to enhance a more fluid and fruitful collaboration between the Cameroonian universities and the ICEA Department.

PadovAFrica Summer School (PASS) 14-30 October 2019:

From October 14 to 30, 2019 the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Egineering of the University of Padova, together with the Network of the Black African Diaspora in Italy (REDANI), organized the fourth edition of the Padova Africa Summer School (PASS) on theme of planning and management of European funds in African countries. The course was attended by 24 young Cameroonians and aims to train experts capable of bringing technical support to African governmental and non-governmental bodies interested in accessing European funds.

PadovAFrica Summer School (PASS) 18-30 September 2018:

In this third edition 21 students and professionals committed in the field of civil and environmental engineering are visiting ICEA Department and attending an intensive course on the design and maintenance of steel bridges. The initiative was born in the framework of the university cooperation between the ICEA Department and the National Advanced School of Public Works of Yaoundé, in a perspective of intercultural development.

Sustainable Africa Day SAD 2017 – 17 Novembre 2017

The SAD 2017 conference was held at the premises of the Botanical Garden of Padua in the framework of the European Water Facility Project, which involved the University of Padua, Cà Foscari University of Venice, the School of Work (ENSTP) of Yaoundé, Cameroon, and aimed at the training of 300 environmental engineers specializing in integrated water management.

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Cameroon-Italy: for a better economic partnership – Yaoundé, February 2017

February 15th, 2017, signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between Cameroon and Italy in Yaoundé, in occasion of the economic forum between the two countries.

During the summit 4 bilateral agreements were signed between: the Institute for International Relationships of Cameroon (IRIC) and the University of Padova; the University of Douala and the University of Padova; the Cameroonian Ministers of Transportations and of Public Works and the Italian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Study visit by 24 students of ENSTP from Cameroon - october 2016

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering in the framework of cooperation with the Advanced School of Public Works of Yaoundé aims to encourage international mobility of ENSTP Cameroonian students in Padua  by organizing an annual training event on a particular topic of technical-scientific and professional interest.

October 24, 2016 meeting in Donghi room with Professors Majorana, Pellegrino and Elamé

Cameroun - Yaoundè, march 17 - 20 2016

On Thursday, March 17th 2016, the Rector Prof. Rosario Rizzuto began a series of meetings in Cameroun, Yaoundé, in occasion of the official visit by the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, moved by his personal interest in the strengthening of the relationship between the two countries on many key-aspects: enterprises, infrastructural development, higher formation, in the shared civil values of fight against terrorism and immigration refuge, two relevant aspects in the pursuit of human rights.

The first graduates at ENSTP of Yaoundé, Cameroun