Advanced Master on "GIScience and Unmanned System for the integrated management of the territory and the natural resources - with majors" - Ninth edition, Academic Year 2023/2024

Academic paths:

1) Production and management of geo-information (blended and on line synchronous)
2) GIScience for environmental conflict management and participation on public decision making (blended and on line asynchronous)
3) Cartography and GIS for  green infrastructures (blended and on line asynchronous)
4) Geoinformation and new technologies for sustainable agriculture (blended and on line asynchronous)
5) Geotechnologies and geoinformation for territorial planning (blended and on line asynchronous)
6) Design and management of spatial data infrastructures and GIS development for the protection and management of the territory (blended and on line asynchronous)
7) GIScience and Geoinformatics (blended and on line asynchronous)


ObjectivesAbout 80% of available information, personal and collective decisions have a relation with the territory. The increasing availability of geographic information and the rapid development of new technologies for the management of geographic data (from drones, to WebGIS, to Mobile-GIS) require the updating, the reorganization and the development of decision-making processes in many sectors of the economy, public administration and the non-profit. The Master aims to prepare the new professional profiles of GIScience and Geographic information (Geographic Information Manager, Geographic Information Officer, Geographic Knowledge Enabler, Geographic Information Specialist, GeoData Analyst) able to: use appropriate interdisciplinary approaches, technological solutions and geographic information in addressing complex territorial issues; manage the transformation of technologies supporting GIScience and orienting the identification of appropriate solutions for businesses, government agencies, citizenship.
Available places42
LanguageItalian (some seminars will be hold in English or Spain)
Duration1 year
Costs3.822,50 Euro
Inter-department MasterCoordinating Department: Civil Environmental Architectural Engineering, - ICEA;
Involved departments: Geosciences; Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World - DISSGEA; Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and the Environment - DAFNAE; Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry- TESAF
DirectorMassimo De Marchi - mob. ++ 39 335 6846539
InformationDipartimento di Ingegneria Civile Edile e Ambientale
Via Marzolo 9, 35131, Padova
Massimo De Marchi
Tel.: ++ 39 049 8275454