Career opportunities

  Job orientation

Graduates of Water and Geological Risk Engineering can find employment in public authorities or private companies, in public administrations, insurance companies, public and private research centers.

Primary work opportunities are professional consultant in the field of risk engineering or a high-level technical profile in the public and private sectors.

A main opportunity is represented by professional roles in the planning and implementation of strategies for risk reduction and management, particularly in the case of flood risk management plans and environmental protection plans in general.

Such roles are widely present both in the public administration (e.g. water authorities and civil protection from the local to the national and supra-national levels) and in private organizations.

Further occupational opportunities reside in governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of hydrological and geological risk reduction operating nationally, internationally, and in developing countries, such as United Nations’ offices and departments, the World Bank, the European Civil Protection, Engineers Without Borders, Engineering for Change, ecc. WGRE graduates can also work in the field of consulting for the quantification and management of environmental risk, in the sector of insurance and re-insurance, in international-scale companies active in the real-time hydrological modelling, meteorological forecasting, remote sensing mapping of risk at the global scale.

They may also work in engineering firms or as freelance consultants dealing with various environmental issues (e.g. waste control and reuse, water and land management, environmental impact assessment, monitoring, modeling, risk management).

Students planning to start their professional careers can consult the different career guidance opportunities offered by the University of Padua, such as mentoring projects, job counseling, workshops also for the development of soft skills and more.

The dedicated website provides more information about all the projects and possibilities. If you want to get in touch with companies or find a job, you can find more services at this page.

  PhD programmes

The University offers students the possibility to continue their academic career following a PhD programme. The University of Padua as well as the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (DICEA) published PhD positions every academic year.

For more information on PhD programmes, please consult the dedicated website.

  Alumni Association

The Alumni Association seeks to unite all its graduates within a community to which all may have freedom of access and equal consideration. In this way, former students — Alumni — can continue to be inspired in their professional and private lives by the fundamental values of the University, becoming  standard bearers wherever they may be.
Students can register under the following link.