Master in Planning, design, construction and management of airport infrastructures

The course aims to train high level experts with multi-disciplinary competences, able to guarantee advanced professionalism and capable to interconnect with authorities, companies and engineering societies operating in the fields of airport planning, design, construction and management. In particular, the course concerns:
  • professional formation, through diversified multi-disciplinary teaching topics (engineering, financial, environmental, juridical, linguistic approaches);
  • practical training, with the development of integrated project activities;
  • the facilitation to interact with actors working in the field of airport infrastructures;
  • the expertise transfer.
Duration:1 year
Master type:2° level

November 2022 - September 2022. Classes hold between November 2021 and June 2022 on Friday (and possibly Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning for seminars and/or conferences). Stage held between June 2022 and September 2022.

Language:Italian / possible seminars in English
Available places:min 5 - max 20 (2 place supernumerary for person with disabilities and other 2 place supernumerary for DAC List person). Places in supernumerary for auditors (details at
Costs:3.772,50 Euro (first fee 2.272,50 Euro; second fee 1.500,00 Euro)
Fee for person with disabilities: 22.50 Euro
Fee for DAC List person: 772,50 Euro
Director:Prof. Marco Pasetto
Master address:Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering - ICEA, Via Marzolo, 9 - 35131 Padua
Facilitation/study grants:there is the possibility to award 3 prizes (study grants).

Some courses will be offered as “single courses”. For more details, see “Corsi singoli nei Master” at

Closing date for the request submission: Friday, October 8, 2021.
Master's degree selection board will be based on individual qualifications..
To participate the candidate must attach to the application a motivation letter addressed to the Master Committee.

The selection procedures can be found at the link:

Other information (forms, registration procedure, tuition fee, etc.):

For information:
Prof. Marco Pasetto
Tel: 049 8275569
Fax: 049 8275220