Master GIScience - Application

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Deadline6 of October 2023
Required qualificationAny Master Degree
Credit recognitionThe Steering Committee can recognize previously followed training activities if consistent with the characteristics of the master and certified by appropriate documentation, to a maximum of 20 credits.
The Steering Committee can also recognize up to a maximum of 12 credits for teaching, research and working experiences in areas relevant to the disciplines of the master, certified by appropriate documentation. The CFU above are cumulative to a maximum of 20.
SelectionSelection will be based on the evaluation of Curriculum; Thesis; Other publications; Other documentation the applicant think useful for the selection.
In order to participate at the selection for the admission, applicants should attach a letter addressed to the Steering Committee of the master, describing in detail the reasons to apply to the master and the areas the candidate intends to deepen in field of: GIScience, Unmanned Systems, the integrated management of territory and natural resources. It is compulsory the candidate indicates which of the four academic path he/she intends to attend.
Criteria for evaluation of titles for selectionCurriculum: 70 (max)
Thesis: 20 (max)
Other publications: 5 (max)
Other documentation the applicant think useful for the selection: 5 (max)
For admission (total points): min 30 - max 100
BenefitsIf the applications will be higher than 20, two prizes with a gross amount of EUR 1,000.00 will be awarded based on class attendance and evaluation of the thesis.
Structure to deliver the applicationOn line registration on PICA platform: