Laboratory of hydraulics and hydraulic constructions

Address: Via Loredan 20, 35131 PADOVA, ITALY
Director: Prof. Luca Carniello – Tel. +39 49 827 57 57
Laboratory head: Carlo Salmaso, MSc. – Tel. +30 49 827 54 36


The laboratory covers a total area of 1050 sqm, of which 400 sqm in the open air, where physical models are built to scale. The covered area occupies two levels: the ground floor contains 7 experimental channels, of varying sizes and characteristics, and the basement is occupied by a storehouse, workshop, and a calibration tank. The basic instrumentation is composed of systems for measuring capacity, speed, level and pressure. Water supply is ensured by a system of rechargeable constant-level tanks, with maximum capacities exceeding 100 l/s.


Main types of work undertaken by the laboratory::

  • Teaching: some simple experiments for courses in basic Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics are illustrated, together with exercises for advanced courses on Hydraulics and Hydraulic Measurement and Control Systems. The Laboratory has also developed many experimental theses for research degrees and doctorates.
  • Research: the Laboratory carries out experimental research and studies commissioned by public bodies or developed within Italian and international research projects (publications in international journals).
  • Testing and modelling for third parties: some of the Laboratory's work regards the planning, construction and management of physical scale models of hydraulic, fluvial and lagoonal works, including overflow systems, energy-dissipating tanks, weirs, intake systems, etc.
  • Calibration: the Laboratory can certify hydraulic devices and instruments respecting European norms.


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