Construction materials testing laboratory

Address: Via F. Marzolo 9, 35131 PADOVA, ITALY
Director: Prof. Carmelo Maiorana – Tel. +39 49 827 56 00
Laboratory head:


This Laboratory began working within the Department of Construction and Transportation on April 1 1996, when the above three Institutes (Construction Science and Techniques, Road Networks and Transportation, and Topography) were amalgamated into it.

The Laboratory continues to work within the laboratory at the Institute of Construction Science and Techniques, perpetuating the now centuries-old tradition of scientific, technical and technological experimentation. It functions as an officially recognised laboratory according to Italian Law no. 1086 of November 5 1971 and Presidential Decree no. 380 of June 6 2001, providing a service recognised as “of public utility”.


The laboratory is equipped to carry out the following types of tests:

  • physical and mechanical testing of reinforced concrete and stone materials
  • testing of cement, hydraulic binders, chemico-physical testing of mortars and durability testing of brick materials
  • mechanical testing of brick and wall compositions
  • testing of various types of steel for reinforced concrete, precompressed reinforced concrete, and structural work
  • chemico-physical and mechanical testing of resins and plastic materials
  • mechanical testing of timber components
  • laboratory and on-site calibration
  • on-site assessment of artifacts
  • testing of structural elements (concrete tubing, road barriers, railway sleepers)
  • testing of innovative materials (carbon fibres, aerated concrete, etc.)
  • testing of poles, pylons and chains
  • carbonation testing
  • surveys of cracking in buildings
  • surveys and extensimetric measurements with strain gauges and video-extensimeters
  • characterization and dynamic testing with accelerometers
  • dynamic studies of deep foundations