Research lines

  • Climate change, territory and diversity should be considered intertwined.
  • The interdisciplinary research group deals with issues of ecological and cultural diversity (also called bio-cultural diversity) in a comparative and multi-scale.
  • The research focused on three geographical areas in Italy (Veneto, Trentino and Basilicata), and the Amazon region of Ecuador and Peru.
  • The research approaches integrate GIS Science with qualitative and participatory methodologies, adopting a perspective nonextraction, empowerment and involvement of the actors who contribute to the research.
  • The research support processes of active citizenship or the construction of public policies (environmental, territorial, cultural) in high conflictive contexts.
  • Other research focus is the evaluation process including the most well-established procedures of environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, practices of social impact assessment of the evaluation of landscape and ecosystem services.
  • Scientific production, apart from some rare cases, is carried out by adopting the perspective of open access and sharing of the total content.