ICEA researchers in the Elsevier rankings

There are 11 professors from the ICEA Department in the rankings published by Elsevier which collect the first 100,000 most cited researchers in the world in 2022: Andrea Rinaldo, Marco Marani, Carlo Pellegrino, Stefano Lanzoni, Andrea Defina, Gianluca Botter, Mariano Zanini, Flora Faleschini, Pietro Teatini, Paolo Zampieri, Nicola Garofalo, and 3 emeritus professors Bernhard Schrefler Raffaello Cossu and Claudio Modena.

The New updates to the study by Jeroen Baas, Kevin Boyack and John Ioannidis of Stanford University have led to the rankings published by Elsevier. The study is based on data obtained from the international Scopus database, including 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields according to the standard Science-Metrix classification. Career data is as of late 2022, and recent single-year data refers to citations received in calendar year 2022. Selection refers to c-score or a percentile of 2% or higher in the subfield, on 8 million total researchers.
Among these "top scientists", Andrea Rinaldo, Marco Marani, Stefano Lanzoni, Nicola Garofalo, Andrea Defina, Gianluca Botter, Carlo Pellegrino and the professors emeritus Raffaello Cossu, Claudio Modena and Bernhard Schrefler are also in the ranking referring to the entire career span.
All data can be found from the Elsevier website by going to the link: