Associate Professor

Address: Via Marzolo, 9 - Padova

Phone: 049 8275486


Scientific sector: ICAR/20 - URBAN PLANNING


Researcher and Professor in Technics for Urban Planning (SSD ICAR/20) since 2007 at Padua University.
Researcher and Professor of Technical Architecture (SSD ICAR/10) from 01.11.2000 to 2007 at Padua University.
Course of Engineering and Urban Planning 2 Laboratory for Engineers and Constructors, academic year 2007/08 and 2006/07. Professor of Technical Architecture for Civil Engineers, academic year 2005/06.
Course of Engineering and Urban Planning 3 Laboratory for Engineers and Constructors, academic year 2004/05 and 2003/04.
Course of Construction Planning for Engineers, Academic Year 2002/03 and 2001/02.
Professors in the five years previous academic courses in Urban Planning, Planning and Engineering of Natural Resources.
PhD in "Construction and Territorial Engineering" since 1994.
He has published numerous contributions on the identification of the structure and urban form and land, as well as technological aspects of the architectural practices with particular reference to the recovery and conservation of heritage buildings and building processes and urban eco-compatible.
Has participated in numerous research projects funded by CNR and from M.U.R.S.T. and M.I.U.R. (40% and 60%, PRIN).
Has participated in numerous competitions in town planning and architectural ideas.
Graduated in Architecture at the IUAV in 2001.
He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua in 1981.
Co-editor of "Galileo" of the College of Engineers of Padua since 2002 (Director Enzo Siviero).
Vice President of the Order of Engineers of Padua from 2005 to 2009.
President of the Foundation Engineers Padua in 2010.



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