Opportunità di lavoro

Two fully funded 3-year PhD positions

Dipartimento ICEA

Dal 14.02.2018 al 15.04.2018

Two fully funded 3-year PhD positions are available at the University of Padova within the ERC project DyNET: dynamical river networks: climatic controls and biogeochemical functions under the supervision of Prof. Gianluca Botter. The expected tasks mainly relate to field measurements in one of the project sites (in particular, the Thur river in Switzerland and the rio Torbido, Viterbo, Italy). These measurements include: i) hydrochemical measurements with continuous-time sensors and autosamplers; ii) mapping of the active drainage network using drones and field surveys. The PhD candidates are also expected to analyze the data gathered during the project and take care of the field maintenance, properly supported by the other team members.

During the first year, the candidates have to spend some time in Padova to attend courses (about 100 hours), while in the last two years most of the time will be spent in the study sites. Required skills and qualifications are: degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering (that has to be obtained by September 2018), M.S. thesis in hydrology, passion for research, enthusiasm, problem-solving, independence, previous experience with field activities, flexibility. Salary is in agreement with the Italian law (gross salary of 15343 euros/year + 50% of additional fee for a maximum of 18 months during periods spent abroad). Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV to gianluca.botter@dicea.unipd.it by April 15, 2018.