PHD School - Admission to the school

Foreign students have two possibilities to enter the PhD School.

The first entrance procedure (see Call for Applications item) is specifically addressed to foreign students. It consists of a comparative evaluation (carried out among all the faculties) of the titles presented by the various candidates and, hence, does not require the physical presence in Italy of the candidate.

The second entrance procedure is the standard one, usually followed to italian students. In this case the candidate is required to pass an exam which requires his physical presence. In particular, the admission to the PhD School is ruled by the 15th article of the School Regulations:

1. The participation to the entrance exam is allowed to candidates which, at the deadline of the exam have an italian Diploma di Laurea (ante D. M. 509/1999) o di Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale, or a similar foreign academic qualification, acknowledged as equivalent by by the Council of the PhD School.

2. The entrance procedures are fixed yearly by the Council of the PhD School according one of the following modalities:

  1. by educational and professional curriculum, written test and oral discussion;
  2. by educational and professional curriculum and written test;
  3. by educational and professional curriculum and oral discussion.

3. The entrance exam can be also be taken in english.

4. The entrance procedure will produce an order of merits covering the number or PhD positions prescribed by the call for applications. The minimum score required to enter the order of merits is 70 points.

We strongly recommend foreign students interested in taking this second admission procedure to contact the School in advance (say in the period february-march) in order to allow the Council of the School to choose suitably one of the entrance procedures prescribed at point 2.

The admission procedure for the current academic year will be based on educational and professional curriculum (max 100 points) including: Thesis (5 points); Curriculum (30 points); Scientific publications (5 points); Other qualifications (60 points). These latter qualification can include: Two blind letters of support signed by univeristy professors of senior researchers,  presented using the letterhead of the institution of the signer and  sealed in a closed envelope; Report of the candidate on the possible research activities already carried out and on the PhD research project to be undertaken (max 5000 characters); Test TOEFL (if available), see