PhD School

Address: Department ICEA, Via Loredan 20, 35131 - Padova
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Director of the School: Prof. Stefano Lanzoni


The PhD School in Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences promotes and coordinates advanced and interdisciplinary formation in the fields of Hydrodynamics, Environmental and Soil Engineering, Computational Mechanics, and Structural Engineering. 

The PhD School trains students for basic and applied research, international scientific cooperation and/or interfacing with private and public stakeholders. In particular, the School provides two types of higher formation. The former is specifically devoted to research and preparation for an academic career. The latter trains people for applied research in public agencies and private institutions, with particular attention to practical applications of mathematical and numerical modelling.
The PhD School lasts three years. During the first year, some of the courses are compulsory, usually involving basic training for PhD students.
The PhD School can exploit the spaces and structures of the three Departments (Hydraulic, Maritime, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering; Methods and Mathematical Models for Applied Science; Structures and Transportation) which participate in the School. All PhD students can use desks with PCs and have priority access to the laboratories of the various Departments.

Info for applicants from the People's Republic of China:

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