PHD Course - Scienze dell'Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e dell'Architettura - Cicle XXXVI

Address: Dipartimento ICEA, Via F. Marzolo 9, 35131 - Padova
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PHD Coordinator: Prof. Carmelo Maiorana


PhD Course presentation:

Research, technological development and innovation are fundamental objectives of this PhD. In this context, the topics addressed are those typical of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, understood in their broadest sense, with specific contributions from other disciplines aimed at offering, where necessary, a mathematical engineering contribution to the issues addressed by the PhD students. The PhD program is organized in courses and seminars, with the aim of offering to the PhD students a precise advanced and detailed picture of the state of national and international research in relation to the different issues addressed. These courses and seminars are both held by the Professors of the PhD Course and by external lecturers who represent, within the international scientific community, a reference point for their specific expertise.

The main objectives of the course can be so briefly summarized:

  • To offer at the PhD students a high-profile scientific preparation, which allows them to relate with the most advanced tools and methods in the field of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at national and international level;
  • To enhance the PhD students in relation to the external environment, by creating direct contact points with specific areas of the business world and scientific research in need of highly professional figures.

The course includes two curricula:

  • CURRICULUM 1: Risk, vulnerability, environment, health and territory The research activity proposed by the curriculum is aimed at developing methodological approaches, advanced theoretical and experimental models in relation to environmental issues in the broadest sense, including the complexity of the man-health-environment relationship.
  • CURRICULUM 2: Materials, structures, complex systems and architecture The research activity of the curriculum is aimed at addressing aspects related to both existing and new constructions, to structural modeling, construction techniques, architectural representation and design as well as to complex building systems in the perspective of sustainability. In this framework the research activities make use of advanced mathematical-computational models as well as innovative experimental methods.