Courses Catalogue

The training program of the Doctoral Course :

  1. Advanced soil mechanics (Gabrieli, Ceccato)
  2. Computational methods for groundwater resource management (Teatini)
  3. Fluid mechanics for the functional assessment of cardiovascular devices (Susin)
  4. Geomatics methodologies for acquisition, processing, and manipulation of 3-D data (Fabris)
  5. Hydrodynamic and morphodynamic stability (Lanzoni)
  6. Mechanics of turbulence (Lanzoni)
  7. Algorithm modelling and parametric analysis of architectural surfaces (Giordano, Borin) + Frank Lloyd Wright: representation and structure (Monteleone)
  8. Non-linear mechanics of complex materials (Fontanella, Carniel)
  9. Numerical Methods (Bergamaschi, Ferronato)
  10. Sustainable design (Paparella)
  11. Seismic risk analysis: hazard, fragility and consequence modelling (Zanini)
  12. Statistics for engineers (Salmaso, Arboretti, Disegna)
  13. Innovative techniques for the expansion of exixsting buildings (Turrini)
  14. The home of the future: new tipologies for housing projects (Narne)