Master in BIM/Hbim – The Building Information Modeling for Architectonical/Infrastructural Heritage digitalization, management and aided design

Professional outlets

The Master trains professional figures today highly requested specialized in BIM-Building Information Modeling, able to realize, draft and grooming BIM projects, as well as their management, in line with the standards and institutionalized procedures, through the acute use of updated software and technological devices. Specific professional profiles, therefore, aimed at the use of BIM in many areas of intervention: Recovery and Restoration, Road Infrastructures, Digital Fabrication, Urban and Architectural Design. For the aforementioned skills, these figures will be highly requested by professional firms (large, medium and small), companies and organizations, as well as a individual designer able to update the design methodology in line with the most recent advices of European directives.

DirectorProf. Andrea Giordano
November 2022/ September 2023
Teaching methodtaught class/ distance learning
LanguageItalian/ English
Short Specialization degree’s location

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale –ICEA -Aula D e aula Pineca -Via Marzolo, 9 -35131 Padova; Laboratorio di Modellazione Informatizzata LIM -Via Venezia, 1 -35129 Padova

Places availablemin: 15 / max EU citizens: 40 / max non-EU citizens: 5 (total: 45)
Additional places for students with disabilities: 2
Additional places for students DAC LIST: 5
Registration feeEuro3.022,50(first payment: 2.022,50 euro / second payment: 1.000,00 euro)

Registration fee for students DAC LIST: Euro 622,50

Registration fee for students with disabilities: Euro 22,50
Benefits / Scholarshipn. 2 possible study awards (Euro 1.000,00)
Criteria for selection evalutation of qualifications
Application submission deadlineOctober 7th, 2022
For information049 8275597;

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